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The canteen incident was reported and Mr Riddington Young was summoned before Judge Jeremy Griggs who ordered a retrial in response to defence submissions that the jury may be prejudiced in favour of the surgeon's evidence.Wednesday 10th June 2015 New Gauge Half-Life is a modified version of Half-Life 1 designed for speedrunning, created by rofi. Set the file contents to be the following: clockwindow 0 //remove short lag after loading default_fov 110 //view angle (field of view) developer 1 //developer messages in the console (off) gl_texturemode GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR //disable ugly 'stairs effect' on textures MP3Fade Time 0.0 //prevent music from playing forever cl_showfps 1 //show the game fps //bunnyhop script alias bhop "alias _special _h;_h" alias _h " jump;wait;-jump;wait;special" alias -bhop "alias _special" //climb script alias climb " duck;wait;-duck;wait; duck" alias -climb -duck //gauss boost script alias gauss "cl_pitchup 180;cl_pitchdown -180;-attack2;wait;cl_pitchup -12;cl_pitchdown 12;wait;cl_pitchup 89.999;cl_pitchdown 89.999" //object boost script alias obbo2000 " use;w12;-use; jump;w;-jump" //zoom alias " fov" "default_fov 35" alias "-fov" "default_fov 110" //wait table alias "w" "wait" alias "w2" "w;w" alias "w3" "w2;w" alias "w6" "w3;w3" alias "w12" "w6;w6" Thanks to quadrazid on the Source forum for the gauss boost, object boost and wait table scripts. Open the video settings and set your renderer to 'Hardware', and then the resolution/aspect ratio that you desire.Funny Bunny is capable of polymorphing humans into the bunny race as well.They are found in the Warcraft III map Funny Bunny's Egg Hunt.This is everything that you need to install/set up NGHL. When loading maps for the first time, you may encounter a message saying 'Node graph out of date, rebuilding...'. Extract the 'bunnymodpro.zip' file into the '\Program Files (x86)\NGHL\valve' folder, and overwrite all files when prompted. Move 'dmc.wad' into '\Program Files (x86)\NGHL\valve'. This file is required to load the textures on bunnyrace_beta2. Extract the files: 'ag_longjump2.rar' and 'agtricks.rar', move the resulting files into '\Program Files (x86)\NGHL\valve\maps' and move 'aw_agctf.wad' into '\Program Files (x86)\NGHL\valve'. Edit the file '\Program Files (x86)\NGHL\valve\userconfig.cfg'. This file contains all of the custom scripts and settings to (speed)run the game properly.This is my own prefered configuration of NGHL, with Bunnymod Pro replacing the default game. Use ` (grave/backtick) to open the console and execute the following: Replace "key" with your desired key.Jump to step: #1: Downloads | #2: NGHL Installation | #3: Mods/Maps/Config | #4: Launch Options | #5: Starting the Game | #6: Final Configuration | Troubleshooting Guide Created by Jamie Scaife 10th June 2015. To perform a gauss boost using the gauss cannon, charge the cannon by holding right click, look in the direction you want to go and press the key that you set.

John Riddington Young, 58, was sent home on full pay pending a disciplinary investigation into the alleged "racist" incident.

He has also written a book about the inns and taverns of old Norwich, a history of his local church and a medical book entitled Offbeat Otolaryngology, the official name for the ENT specialism.

His interests are listed on a medical website as: "Ferret breeder, woodcarver, arable farmer and Punch and Judy man who grows prize-winning sweet peas".

A nurse is understood to have complained about the consultant's comments during his daily rounds at the North Devon Hospital in Barnstaple.

But patients have condemned the suspension as a waste of valuable resources.

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