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A slow, controllable drill that won’t skid is essential and it needs to get into some confined spaces.Eventually I got all the holes drilled that I thought I could get away with and the board is held securely clear of the base of the case.Later on this article I’ll go through my own setup and experiences.We need to start with a case for this thing and like I said, even the largest ‘normal’ tower case will be too small. There aren’t many of these and the one I chose was the Nanoxia Deep Silence 6.The HP power supply distributes the main 12V output across 8 different rails, each with a maximum delivery of 18A but with a combined output ceiling of 70A for the 850W unit and 92.5A for the 1110W option.

The worst issues seem to be with dual-CPU configurations.I got it from Quiet PC in the UK and managed to grab a B-grade bargain at £139, that’s a £50 reduction on the full price and I couldn’t tell what made it B-grade because it looks perfect to me. I can confirm what the online reviews say when they describe this case as being massive. I expect that if it were hollowed out then I could fit my current Fractal Design tower case inside it.It swallows the Z800 motherboard as if it were designed for it. I mentioned before that the motherboard mounting holes do not match up with the corresponding holes in the case’s motherboard tray.I had to drill and tap new holes for enough screws to hold the board safely with its heavy load of up to two CPUs with large heatsink/fans attached. Before starting I fitted a small random PCI card into the motherboard and used it to work out exactly where the board needed to be so that the cards lined up with their fixing holes on the side of the case.I used a 2.8mm drill and then tapped the holes out to the correct imperial 6/32 size for motherboard mounting posts.

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