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It takes an expandable sd card so it will be really hard to run out of room. The case is really robust and hard to get on and off, even for an adult. My daughter learnt how to use it really quickly without help.

The apps are age specific once set up and I've been suprised how many are actually education for learning phonics and maths. They have all sorts of books and again you can remove ones you don't want. The screen quality is good and well protected in the case. Cons: The Amazon store is limited so if you have subscribed to anything else e.g. Amazon music can't be used in the kids profile, which us a real shame as my daughter loves music.

You can remove apps in the kids feature you don't want.

I took quite a few away that I didn't want my daughter using.

I have used this tablet for browsing and downloading apps with out any problems.

I did this over a few evenings and ensured it was completely secure.

Thank you for reading my review I hope it has helped you in some way.

AMAZON at fault not the product - Amazing product, but stopped working all of a sudden, no fault of my own and won't switch back on.

This Fire HD kids edition tablet is child friendly and very easy to use for children.

You have multiple changeable settings and features so you can adapt this tablet to suit your children,s individual needs.

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