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Ms Elysia Walker, co-author of the study, said: 'Our study examined how exposure to sexually explicit material, defined as any media depicting uncensored sexual behaviour, can influence the adoption of sexually risky behaviour.'Sexually risky behaviour was defined as behaviour that puts people at high risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection.'For this research, these behaviours referred to a lack of contraceptive use and having multiple sexual partners.'The study involved 73 adults aged 18-25 from the UK, who were asked to answer an online questionnaire on their pornography-viewing habits and sexual behaviour.

On average, exposure to pornography started at 12 years old, with initiation of sexual behaviours starting around one year later.In Daily PUMA's opinion, any race that Trump can profit from in a business venture is a race that Trump will like, it's really that simple.Norway has been propping up several Stock Markets by reinvesting their oil profits in them.The researchers also found that ongoing active exposure to pornography predicted a higher number of sexual partners in females, but not in males.But viewing sexually explicit material accidentally, such as in a film, wasn't found to affect sexual behaviour.

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