Scams on dating sites to watch out for

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Once the Pages have gained high like numbers, they can be reused for other types of scam or sold on the black market to other scammers.

The bogus Pages are scams designed to rapidly accumulate large numbers of Page likes.

To reduce the risk, arrange for a delivery that requires a signature upon receipt.

Other options: Send gifts to the recipient’s workplace or have them delivered to a pickup location operated by the carrier.

Beware of websites that list no phone numbers or street address — only an email address or P. Many of them are a ploy to install malware once you click on a link for details.

What’s even worse is the heartache that can result if you fall for these seasonal shopping ho-ho-hoaxes. And some 23 million recipients per year don’t get their goodies because thieves steal them from their doorsteps.Others encourage users to enter credit card information or log in using their Facebook credentials, which can jeopardize those accounts.Before downloading, carefully check app logos and descriptions for misspellings, missing letters (such as “Foot Locke” without the “r”) or poor English, as many fakes originate in China.Then they can cash in the card after calling the issuer’s toll-free number to learn when it was activated and for what amount. In another ruse, bogus apps available in Apple and Android app stores mimic well-known retailers and products — from Dollar Tree and Foot Locker to luxury brands such as Jimmy Choo and Christian Dior.Some contain malware that can steal personal information or trigger ransomware to hijack mobile devices until a ransom is paid, notes the New York Times.

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