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Creole languages are increasingly replacing Dutch in Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles as decolonization progresses.

Afrikaans, which is widely spoken in South Africa, is related to Dutch.

Another source of national pride that sets aside regional and religious differences is sports, especially soccer and speed skating.

Whenever the national team engages in international competitions, orangemania reigns.

The most important distinction is between the Randstad (Rim City) and non-Randstad cultures.

Randstad culture is distinctly urban, located in the provinces of North Holland, South Holland, and Utrecht.

The Netherlands has for centuries provided a safe haven for ethnic minorities fleeing from discrimination and persecution, with each minority influencing Dutch culture in its own way.

Many Jews from Spain and Portugal and Protestant merchants from the Spanish-ruled southern Netherlands sought refuge in the Dutch Republic in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

In addition, there are about twenty-five major dialects of Dutch. The display of the national flag and the singing of the national anthem are important expressions of identity for a decreasing number of citizens.These four cities together with a string of interconnected towns, form the Randstad, which has a population of 6,100,000. The Netherlands had a population of 15,898,331 in 2000.It is the most densely populated country in Europe (1,196 inhabitants per square mile [462 per square kilometer] in 1996). The majority, approximately 780,000, originate from the European Union, including 432,000 Germans.The southern culture was subject to discriminatory policies until the nineteenth century.The Friesians prize their language and descent from the ancient Friesian people, while the Limburgers and Brabantines emphasize their southern culture and Catholic heritage.

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