Updating bios in ubuntu

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This robust troubleshooting procedure is useful because it isolates the issue to your suspect component.

Otherwise, the issue could be a power balance issue, riser problem, loose cabling, bad power socket, bad PSU, etc.

At the end of the process, it’ll ask your password to create the boot section in the USB stick.

They either require an old-fashioned operating system (Windows) or museum hardware (floppy drives) to update a BIOS.

Apparently they never learn and are instead busy adding features like DRM and UEFI to make our lives even more miserable.

However updating the BIOS on my Lenovo X230 laptop was surprisingly easy once I learned how to do that (kudos to a G post I stumbled upon).

I expected that it could be installed into a USB pendrive as a good alternative to a persistent live system, possible to update and upgrade without limits.

But unfortunately a current update involving a new kernel and updating grub will make it fail to boot.

updating bios in ubuntu-86

updating bios in ubuntu-72

I don't have any Windows CD and am not going to buy one. When the power led begins to blink release the two buttons and press the power button just once, observe the usb stick flashing indicating it's flashing the bios.CAUTION- DO NOT reflash you bios until you verify that the bios specified above is the exact one for your machine. Here's what worked for me (as far as I can remember): 1) Follow the instructions here ( to create a bootable flash drive (note: you will need to use Windows). acerid=634139072709889300&Step1=Netbook&Step2=Aspire One&Step3=AO532h&OS=722&LC=en&BC=Acer&SC=PA_7) (1.25 at time of writing).The USB drive never boots the screen is black and says "Free DOS" in the upper left corner. Most of the time the 3 BIOS files that are vital to the update do not fit because every tut is for a Floppy drive. For whatever reason the bios reflash has worked 2 times so far or about a years period of time. Step 1: Back up the drive using Clonezilla Live Step 2: Create a bootable Windows 7 usb drive Step 3: Boot into Gparted Live and format drive to ntfs Step 4: Install Windows 7 Step 5: Install BIOS update straight from windows Step 6: Boot back into Clonezilla to restore previously saved image Step 7: Enjoy the fix :)I had this problem with my AO532h a while back. Go to the following address- (it'll download a zip file)(the file you'll need is attached herein) & AOA150.zip? Open the folder and copy two files to a formatted FAT usb stick. EXE and the second file 3309.fd(bios file) to ZG5IA32. Insert the usb stick into the usb left hand side make sure the charger is plugged in. ..that helpsto be sure that all should work like a charm I suggest: 1- disconnect your hard drive 2- connect a new one 3- install windows version needed by the manufacture flash utility 4- boot windows 5- flash your bios 6- disconnect the hard drive 7- connect the hard drive with ubuntu 8- enjoy I say this cause I burn a bios with freedos tecnique, so I use this method to upgrade my bios.

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