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Maknae Dongjun is a beast: athletic and very nicely built.Leader Junyoung is noted for his Yoochun-like appearance. For those who like intense and distinct looks, there are rappers Heecheol and Tae Heon.

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I also try not to come off as a fan girl, since I’m not that type. In the end, I hope others can appreciate the group. Name: ZE: A (Children of Empire) Label: Star Empire Entertainment Fan Club: ZE: A’s (or ZE: A STYLE) Debut Date: January 15, 2010 Members: Jun Young (Moon Jun Young) Postion: Leader, Vocalist Birth Date: February 9, 1989 _____________________________ Kevin (Kim Ji Yeop) Position: Vocalist Birth Date: February 23, 1988 _____________________________ Kwang Hee (Hwang Kwang Hee) Position: Sub-Vocalist Birth Date: August 25, 1988 _____________________________ Si Wan (Im Woong Jae) Position: Vocalist Birth Date: December 1, 1988 _________________________________ Tae Heon (Kim Tae Hun) Position: Rapper Birth Date: June 18, 1989 _________________________________ Hee Cheol (Jung Hee Chul) Position: Rapper Birth Date: December 9, 1989 _________________________________ Min Woo (Ha Min Woo) Position: Sub-Vocalist Birth Date: September 6, 1990 _________________________________ Hyung Sik (Park Hyung Sik) Position: Vocalist Birth Date: November 16, 1991 _____________________________ Dong Jun (Kim Dong Jun) Position: Maknae, Sub-Vocalist Birth Date: February 11, 1992 _____________________________________________________________________________________________ History: In January 2010, ZE: A debuted with their mini-album, ZE: A also releases quality songs and a good variety.That shows how serious they are about what they do.The fact they consistently put out good music and performances is a quality that the public should recognize and appreciate. Also, ZE: A has a good sense of humor and seem to have a genuine brotherly love for each other.As for sub-vocalists Kwanghee and Minwoo, I can’t really find a classification for them. Minwoo is edgy and masculine, but without the bad boy side. A group with 9 legitimately attractive males, with a variety of different looks, should have a big following.I think the English translations of the rap portion of “Phoenix” are a good example of ZE: A’s character.

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